Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Own Chitchen Itza

It may seem strange to devote a blog to a little town that no longer really exists. What is left of Cohutta Springs (the old historic town) now belongs to the Chattahoochee National Forest. Its fascination, for me, is partly just the nostalgia of old chimneys and ruins. I can't get enough of looking at the chimneys and moss-covered walls, and wondering how a little town could just disappear into the forest. It's as if I'd found my own private little Chichen Itza or ancient Temple of Ankhor. Old Cohutta Springs is less ancient, and its roots less a mystery ~ it was a watering place, a place where mountain resorts sprang up, a place where pharmacists bottled mineral waters to peddle in cities. It lies equally forgotten, though. It's as close as I have to ancient ruins in my own backyard, and I enjoy going there sometimes, just to muse on what once was.

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