Sunday, July 8, 2012

Copyright and Fair Use

This site was begun in June of 2012 by the artist, D.K. Pritchett (who also publishes under Southern Muse). I now want to update the "copyright" to allow for a more liberal use and sharing of this blog. You may copy portions of it sparingly, in the spirit of fair use. If you want to make derivative works, that is fine. I don't even mind somewhat commercial uses, as long as you don't just steal all my hard work. I would like for you to provide a link-back to Cohutta Springs History or one of my main sites, such as Just be fair. I'm not rich, I couldn't prosecute if I wanted to, but it's nice to have a bit of respect! Thank you. (Originally I had this under a "Share-Alike" agreement, but I am trying to remove any such notices as I find them.

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