Monday, July 9, 2012

Area Businesses

Businesses in the Cohutta Springs area include some farms, a greenhouse, and a conference center. The ones that come to mind right away are: Cohutta Springs Conference Center, a retreat center owned by the Georgia Cumberland Conference of Seventh Day Adventists. The Conference Center is in Crandall, Georgia. Its owner, the GCC, is headquartered in Calhoun, Georgia. The Conference Center is available for church, business, school, and family retreats. (These should be planned in advance, of course). There's a working farm in the area. It is Holcomb's farm, I believe (I'll get more information and clarify this, as soon as possible). Another business is Cohutta Springs Greenhouse. There used to be a winery, but it may not be there anymore. The building is still there. There is a post office (Crandall, Georgia) and a nearby convenience store. Fairy Baptist Church is about a mile north of Cohutta Springs Road on the main highway (US 411). Fairy is the placename of another little community that used to be a town. There are cemeteries and other places of interest nearby ~ these will be explored further in the blog at large. The Cohutta Springs area is about four miles north of Eton, Georgia; seven miles north of Chatsworth, Georgia; and twenty or so miles east (northeast) of Dalton, Georgia. It's about a thirty-minute drive south from Cleveland, Tennessee. Maps (old and new) are available on the map section of this site. As I find out more specifics on the businesses in the area, I'll add and update information and links.


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