Sunday, July 8, 2012

About Us

About Us: We are history buffs, really. Our website is a history project. We wanted to tell people something about the community of Cohutta Springs. Although the community is not a town, as defined by the State of Georgia, it is important in the history of Georgia, and is important now as a location. Cohutta Springs has been a residential community for as long as people have been in the area. At one time it was a little town. Now the place name appears only on local maps as a community. Most of the businesses and residents there now use the postal address of Crandall, Georgia. A few have Chatsworth or Eton mailing addresses.

Cohutta Springs History website is written and edited by a North Georgia artist and website editor. Contact information will be provided shortly. Meanwhile, you can read more about me here: All of My Blogs.
The site does have a link to my profile page.

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